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UK Tractor Pulling Classifications

Hopefully this page will help you understand the classification and in some cases the total lack of classification of Tractor Pullers in the UK.

Sorry, as you can see, this page is still under construction...

Garden Pullers (PPA)

'Mini Lightening'

Compact Pullers (PPA)

'Next Generation'

Mini Pullers under 950kg (PPA)

Mark Pacey - 'The Gambler'

Sport Farm Class (BTPA & SWTPA)

Sport Farm Class

Super Farm Class (BTPA & SWTPA)

'Lackham Balistic' at Wraxall

Under 401 Prostock Class (BTPA & SWTPA)

Kevin Morris driving 'JustAFORDAble'

Over 401 Prostock Class (BTPA & SWTPA)

'Ice Bear'Prostock Tractors are based on original farm tractors, and must contain the original engine block, transmission casing and rear axle casing. In the UK, Prostock's are separated into two classes of engine size limits, 401cid, and 510cid, as run in Europe. Modifications are limited to one turbocharger (albeit of any size) and diesel fuel must be used. These machines use water injection into the engine, in order to keep the pistons cool and prevent them from melting. This also increases the density of the air, allowing more air/fuel to be burned. The top machines in the Prostock class burn approx 1.5 gallons of diesel in a 10second run, and about the same amount of water, with boost pressure of around 80-100psi.

Superstock's (BTPA)

Dave Jones with 'Just Smoky'Superstock tractors, as with Prostock's, must maintain the original engine block. They are allowed up to four turbochargers, and are also allowed to switch to methanol fuel. This produces a much longer, colder burn, allowing in excess of 3000hp to be obtained from a 6cyl. Engine block. The colder burn of methanol allows the tractors to run ‘dry block.’ Aluminum pistons and rods are used in order to obtain high rpm’s, and many tractors also have billet aluminum cylinder heads in order to obtain greater flow. Methanol tractors, or alky burners, can be easily identified by the clear burning exhaust, as opposed to the black plumes created from the diesel machines.

Modified's (BTPA & SWTPA)

Brian Armistead - 'Desperate Dan'Modified Tractors are run at three different weight classes, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5ton. They are basically allowed any combination of engine, gearbox and rear axle, and some engine limits to keep competition as fair as possible. Engines range from truck engines, tank engines, and V8 drag racing engines to the 27-litre V12 Allison engines, and the 38-litrel RR Griffon used in the Shackleton Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the early 1950's. With combinations of 5xV8s and 3xV12s, in excess of 8000hp can be fitted onto 4.5ton.



Trucks (BTPA & SWTPA)

Tony Bruegger driving 'Mean Ole Pete'

Two Wheel Drive (BTPA)

The home of the Pullers equivalent of the 'Funny Car' in Drag Racing...

Independent Pullers

Although Independent Pulling doesn't have any formal classification system because they only do Demonstration Pulling (no competition involved) the Pullers broadly fall into three basic categories: -

Sport Farm Class / Super Farm Class

Trevor Heal with his MF699The crossover point is very blurred here but probably over 60% of the Independent Pullers would fall into one of these two classes, dependent on the amount of modification which has taken place...

Trevor Heal from Wincanton in Somerset with his Massey Ferguson 699 with a 5.8-litre Perkins 6354 straight-6 from a 17-tonne Dodge.

Like the Cummins 6BTA, the little Perkins 6354 is very compact (compared to the Ford 300 series engines) and has a fantastic power to weight ratio.




Prostock - Unlimited

Alan 'Parkes' Parker driving his NH8340Alan Parker, better known as 'Parkes' with his twin-turbo Ford 8340 with has a 7½ litre straight-6 GMA engine better known as a 'Genesis'.

Trucks & Component

Andrew 'Jonty' Woolacot with his ERF Case...A classic example of something which is a cross between a 'Component' build, a 'Modified' and a 'Truck'!

A number of Independent Pulling venues have banned conventional 'Truck' Pullers like 'Mean Ole Pete' (somewhere above). The organisers want all the Pullers to look like tractors hence the reason for these very interesting hybrid machines...

The tin work came from a Case MXM190 but underneath that is an 1993 ERF 'E' series with a 365 bhp 12-litre Rolls Royce 'Eagle'. The Puller was built by Andrew Woolacott who is better known as 'Jonty'.

Yes, the font axle does look a little odd because it's actually the back of a Class Combine Harvester.